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Marketing Plans: A Complete Guide in Pictures

Malcolm McDonald. Marketing Plans: A Complete Guide in Pictures Authors:Malcolm McDonald.
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Book Summary:
An imaginative, witty, original but deadly serious introduction to all the concepts you need in marketing today.Successful executives know that marketing as a process and an orientation is a necessity for understanding where a company needs to go and how to get there. It's not difficult to spot those organizations that have failed to adopt a marketing approach!In order for managers and students to quickly grasp the key principles, one of the world's leading marketing educators, Malcolm McDonald, has teamed up with expert cartoonist and educational designer, Peter Morris, to create this short, unique and powerful guide.Using black and white cartoons and graphics packed with ideas and examples, Marketing Plans: A Complete Guide in Pictures is a highly accessible primer that is both a rigorous and serious introduction to the subject for those discovering marketing for the first time, and a versatile companion for more experienced professionals.This book is based on the international...

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