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The Marketing Yellow Pages: A Guide to Online Marketing Resources

Chris?M.??? Vogl. The Marketing Yellow Pages: A Guide to Online Marketing Resources Authors:Chris?M.??? Vogl.
Price:3935.9 rub.

Book Summary:
The Marketing Yellow Pages contains online marketing and business resources to help small businesses succeed. It provides concise descriptions of resources used to market products and services locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally. The resource descriptions are written for small business owners, individuals, and marketing personnel. Technical jargon and industry specific terminology has been minimized to make this guide useful to a broad audience. Each description was written to help marketers understand the products being offered without them having to spend a lot of time doing research. The resources listed will provide you with a comprehensive overview of online marketing resources. This guide will save you numerous hours of searching. You’ll be able find the resources you need when you need them. It will help you locate top marketing and business resources in a matter of hours, not days. You’ll have insight into products...

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