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RoadMap: A Guide to a Successful Strategic Marketing Plan

Scott Harris. RoadMap: A Guide to a Successful Strategic Marketing Plan Authors:Scott Harris.
Price:1760 rub.

Book Summary:
In Scott Harris' 25-plus years in business, he has seen strategic marketing plans in every imaginable state -- from the current and effective to the dusty to the non existent. Only one thing about strategic marketing plans has remained the same throughout every year, client and industry: every company could use a good one and every successful company has one. In The RoadMap, Scott describes the value a strategic plan adds to your marketing?and your marketing bottom line -- while outlining 11 key steps to creating a powerful, effective, flexible and usable strategic marketing plan. Coupled with real-life examples and proven business advice, this is an important tool for business owners of all companies (regardless of size or industry) looking for a stronger strategic focus and a greater return on their marketing efforts. If you do not have a plan, or still consider marketing an expense and not an investment, this book is for you.

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