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The Art And Science of Marketing: Marketing for Marketing Managers

Grahame R. Dowling. The Art And Science of Marketing: Marketing for Marketing Managers Authors:Grahame R. Dowling.
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Book Summary:
Book DescriptionIf your organization has customers, you need to understand marketing. To achieve the best results from your marketing requires a subtle blend of art and science. It can also benefit from recommendations for practice rather than lists ofoptions from which to choose. The art of marketing comes from the doing of marketing-implementing programs to attain and retain customers, and seeing what actually works. This is the province of marketing managers, direct marketers, advertisers and consultants. The examples of good and bad practice used throughout this book illustrate this approach. The science of marketing comes from research-about markets, customers, competitors and how effectively various types of marketing programs work. This is the province of academics and market researchers. The science of marketing provides the foundations for good marketing practice. Sometimes this science is ignored in the rush to embrace new ideas and technologies. For example, the...

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