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Social Marketing in the 21st Century

Alan R. Andreasen. Social Marketing in the 21st Century Authors:Alan R. Andreasen.
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Book Summary:
"This is a brilliant explanation of how social marketing can address upstream issues...A As the author points out, too often people think of the downstream applications of social marketing.A This book is the only one in this camp, and it does a very good job of it." —Mike Basil, University of Lethbridge, Canada A A Most observers and many practitioners see social marketing as a downstream approach to influencing people with “bad behaviors”—smoking, neglecting prenatal care, not recycling. However, this narrow view hugely underestimates social marketing’s real potential. Social marketing is simply about influencing the behavior of target audiences. There are many more target audiences who need to act besides “problem people” if we are to solve major social problems.A A A A The goal of this cutting edge book is to reposition social marketing so that foundations, government agencies, and various...

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