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Heritage Marketing

Shashi Misiura. Heritage Marketing Authors:Shashi Misiura.
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Book Summary:
Heritage Marketing is a new and clearly written textbook that systematically addresses the principles of marketing as applied to the heritage sector. The 'heritage industry' and its growing importance internationally is defined, as is how it links with the study of modern tourism The book then goes on to look in detail at the marketing issues that arise from the particular management, educational and cultural aspects of heritage. The book is: * A clear introduction for students and professionals * Packed with examples and cases from around the world * The most up to date and comprehensive text of its kind As heritage tourism continues to grow, so the management and marketing of heritage resources will grow more important to governments, councils and managers. This book is the ideal way for all those new to the area to understand the fundamental principles and best practice in the sector. * First serious text on a new marketing niche * Text is...

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