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Internet Marketing and e-Commerce

Ward Hanson, Kirthi Kalyanam. Internet Marketing and e-Commerce Authors:Ward Hanson, Kirthi Kalyanam.
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Book Summary:
INTERNET MARKETING & e-COMMERCE emphasizes the rigor of Internet marketing ? not just the hype ? combining state of the art research, practices of leading online marketing companies, and an in-depth look at the special advantages available online. INTERNET MARKETING & e-COMMERCE shows how the Internet is creating value for customers and profits for companies, while also fitting into an organization's complete marketing strategy. Building on the foundation of Hanson's widely acclaimed Principles of Internet Marketing, and reflecting the lessons and new opportunities of "Web 2.0," INTERNET MARKETING & e-COMMERCE provides coverage of Internet marketing practices for organizations of all types: traditional large companies, small businesses, charities, and online start-ups.

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