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Aquaculture Marketing Handbook

Carole Ruth Engle, Kwamena Quagrainie. Aquaculture Marketing Handbook Authors:Carole Ruth Engle, Kwamena Quagrainie.
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Book Summary:
Markets, marketing, and trade have become ever more important to growing aquaculture industries worldwide. The diversity and idiosyncrasies of the aquaculture and seafood markets call for understanding information that is unique to these markets. Presenting fundamental principles of marketing and economics from a user-friendly, how-to perspective The Aquaculture Marketing Handbook will provide the reader with the tools necessary to evaluate and adapt to changing market conditions.The Aquaculture Marketing Handbook provides the reader with a broad base of information regarding aquaculture economics, markets, and marketing. In addition, this volume also contains an extensive annotated bibliography and webliography that provide descriptions to key additional sources of information.Written by authors with vast international aquaculture marketing experience, The Aquaculture Marketing Handbook is an important introduction to aquaculture marketing for those interested in aquaculture and...

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