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Mobile Marketing: Consumer Perpectives

Direct Marketing Association. Mobile Marketing: Consumer Perpectives Authors:Direct Marketing Association.
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Book Summary:
This primary research study from DMA examines the current trends and applications for mobile marketing. In this report, you will be able to identify which mobile marketing techniques resonate best with consumers and which consumer products categories have found the most success with this up and coming marketing channel. Call on this report to answer some of your most pressing questions: - How are people using their mobile phones? - Who are the most popular carriers and brands? - What are some of the advantages as well as challenges of mobile marketing? - Who s responding to offers? Who s not responding? Why? - And much more! Plus, this report will help you determine: - Which marketing channels resonate best among responders - Which offers and incentives have the most consumer appeal - What the demographic profile is of these consumers - What type of mobile communications will consumers respond to? Use this report to find out if you re dialed-in to the latest...

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