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Nonprofit Marketing (SAGE Library in Marketing)

Nonprofit Marketing (SAGE Library in Marketing) Authors:
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Book Summary:
As early as the sixties, academics began to question the borders and boundaries of marketing. A new wave of thinking born from social influences entreated them to liberate the marketing concept from the confines of the commercial profit motive. Despite several shifts in focus for nonprofit marketing, topics that have continued to receive particular attention include the attraction of resources (including fundraising and volunteer recruitment), issues surrounding image and reputation, the use of marketing to promote behavioural change and the evolving relationship between principles and practices of marketing and the arts. This major work addresses both the historical and conceptual development of the field as well as the new concepts and challenges it faces in the new millennium. This collection of articles and book chapters will equip academics and practitioners to participtate in and steer the key and contemporary debates. Volume I: The Evolution of Nonprofit Marketing...

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