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Successful Email Marketing Strategies

Arthur Middleton Hughes, Arthur Sweetser. Successful Email Marketing Strategies Authors:Arthur Middleton Hughes, Arthur Sweetser.
Publisher:Racom Communications
Price:5623.1 rub.

Book Summary:
Email marketing began as a serious marketing discipline in the late 1990s. Since then, there has been a major seismatic shift in the entire email marketing industry. The standard approach to email marketing, batch and blast - is serious trouble. It simply no longer performs. Subscriber inboxes are overflowing with irrelevant permission-based emails that only annoy. Research shows that 60% of subscribers simply ignore the emails. There are two basic ways to approach email marketing today. First is the traditional way, fishing: massive numbers of identical emails and dozens of campaigns handled the same way-are sent to relatively unknown subscribers...and analyzed by opens, clicks, conversions, and unsubscribes. Second is farming: personalized, relevant email communications to individual subscribers based on a database of demographic and behavioral information. It is possible today to send a different promotional email to every single customer tailored to customer s preferences,...

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