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Marketing and Innovation Management

Elie Ofek, Olivier Toubia. Marketing and Innovation Management Authors:Elie Ofek, Olivier Toubia.
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Book Summary:
It would be difficult to find a CEO today that would not rank "innovation" as one of the top means by which a firm can sustain growth and survive a harsh competitive environment. However, it is unlikely that many CEOs would place "Marketing" as one of the top functions in charge of formulating innovation strategy or ensuring the success of an innovation initiative. Marketing and Innovation Management discusses why marketing has been perceived as being less relevant for innovation strategy and explains how this can be remedied. Recent work by marketing scholars holds the promise of an increased marketing impact on innovation decision-making. Marketing and Innovation Management reviews the role marketing plays at the early phases of innovation management when decisions are being made on new products and services. Marketing's role in innovation management can be reinforced by shifting marketing input to innovation and by moving the focus away from quantifying consumer input through...

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