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International Marketing Dynamics: International Marketing, Globalisation, Strategy

Faustino Taderera. International Marketing Dynamics: International Marketing, Globalisation, Strategy Authors:Faustino Taderera.
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Book Summary:
The author, Faustino Taderera, a distinguished university lecturer, researcher, international business and exports strategist had in mind five important objectives in writing this breakthrough and unique textbook: - To create an all in one key reference and set book for students taking advanced studies in International Marketing. - To assist international marketing practitioners, lawyers, bankers, researchers, insurers, TPOs and Government departments get a comprehensive guide and reference book in their day to day work - Contribute to academia through the development of the highly complex, rich and growing international marketing profession which is now taking centre stage in business both public and private. - Bring the reality of the critical importance of international marketing as the creator of the all important foreign currency required to service and oil world trade - Give the busy college and university professor/lecturer an easy to follow and highly ...

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